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~*~*~Wishing Well~*~*~'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
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Update: No More Uploading :( [06 Nov 2008|07:53pm]

Well, obviously I havent been very active in awhile, but I wanted to formally announce that I will no longer be uploading for this comm, for several reasons, one of the major ones being extremely limited bandwidth at the campus dorms where I've been living. So, I have decided to open up the entries and post the password. I will also post the links to a couple comms. Someday. Anyways, thanks to everyone who joined the comm to begin with :) maybe i will start uploading again someday!! In the mean time, I did add a last batch of 60+ uploads that have been sitting, waiting to be added. If I do any more uploading, i will definitely make an update post to let you all know!! :)
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VH1 Top 100 Hits of the 90's (plus some more ^^) [24 Jan 2008|09:49pm]

*gasp* American music??? OMG!! XDDDD Well, hey I loved the music I listened to when I was a kid. VH1 recently did a series of the 'Top 100 Hits of the 90's' where people voted for what they thought were the top songs of that decade (of course, I disagree on some of the choices), and ever since I watched it, I've been having some nostalgia moments and have been listening to all the songs that I liked again. I decided to share the songs featured on the show, since I personally LOVE a lot of them ^^ They will not be password-protected, since I'm not really worried about anyone stealing these links XDDDDDDD Feel free to ask for a re-up if anything dies ^^ Songs are listed with the top song first.

UPDATE: 4/13/10 I removed the dead links. I'm still deciding whether or not I will revamp this post and reupload everything.

Links Under the Cut!Collapse )
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Master Upload List K-Z [11 Dec 2007|05:27pm]


UPDATED: 11/6/08!!!!!
Please note, I will no longer be uploading!! Please let me know if you find a dead link so I can remove it. I will also not be reuploading anything that dies. If you can't use MU, you can request a reupload, however I can't make promises that I will be able to reupload it. I'm also opening the comm up to everyone and posting the download password :) as well as posting links to a couple other sharing comms. If I do upload anything else, I will be sure to add it.

NOTE:The asterisk * means it has a password on the download site (Mediafire) or a password on the zip/rar file (Megaupload)

Password: juliana

*Kagrra - Chikai no Tsuki.zip
*Kagrra - Haru Urara.zip
*Kagrra - Kotodama.zip
*Kaidan Light - Kikakudaore no Yuuenchi.zip
*Keil - Zero.zip
*Kilhi+Ice - Analogue Fortune.zip
*Kimeru - Koi no Performance.zip
*Kimeru - Love Bites.zip
Kiyoharu - Last Song.rar
Kiyoharu - Wednesday.rar
*Kra - Artman.zip
*Kra - Boku to no Himitsu.zip
*Kra - Caribbean Nights.zip
*Kra - Circus Shounen.zip
*Kra - Kimi ni Shitsumon.zip
*L'yse:nore - Four-Leaf Clover.zip
*Lab. - Audio Hysteria Talk.zip
*Lab. - Dub Note.zip
*Lab. - The End of the World.zip
*Lab. - Sunrise Bloom.zip
*Lin Clover - Mouse/Freak Show.zip
*LM.C - Boys & Girls.zip
*LM.C - Oh My Juliet.zip
*LM.C - Trailors [Gold].zip
*LM.C - Trailors [Silver].zip
*Loon Eye's Millyie - Hishoku=Monochrome.zip
*Luvie - Demotape.zip
*Luvie - Dona.zip
*Luvie - Invisible Sun.zip
*Luvie - Katsumoku Toriko Rooru.zip
*Luvie - Kuroneko.zip
*Luvie - Mikanseinin ~Demo~.zip
*Luvie - Omnibus.zip
*Luvie - Primitive Moon Light.zip
*Luvie - Red Florid Elixir, The.zip
*Lynch. - Grateful Shit, A.zip
*Lynch. - Underneath the Skin.zip
*Ma=Jan - Grotesque.zip
*Mask - Awase Kagami no Ura no Kamen.zip
*Metis Gretel - Fairy Tale ~Crystal~.zip
*Metis Gretel - Fairy Tale ~Gothic~.zip
*Metis Gretel - Resident of Delusion Side A.zip
*Metis Gretel - Romanesukaru Eve.zip
*Metis Gretel - Scream Guiltily.zip
*Milphinne - Love & Peace.zip
*Milphinne - Sweet Candy.zip
*Mudgett - Complex.zip
*Nightmare - Omae no Mono wa Ore no Mono.zip
*Nightmare - Ore no Mono wa Ore no Mono.zip
*Noir Fleurir - For Ten Years After.zip
*Olivia - Color of Your Spoon.zip
*Olivia - Comatose Bunny Butcher.zip
*Olivia - Dress Me Up.zip
*Olivia - Internal Bleeding Strawberry.zip
*Olivia - Lost Lolli, The.zip
*Olivia - Little Pain, A.zip
*Olivia - Merry & Hell Go Round.zip
*Olivia - Sea Me.zip
*Olivia - Synchronicity.zip
*Olivia - Wish/Starless Night.zip
*Oz - Eve's Apple.zip
Phantasmagoria - Splendor of Sanctuary.zip
*Pierrot - Finale.zip
*Pierrot - ID Attack.zip
*PinkFilm - Uso to Kagi.zip
*Plastic Tree - Chandelier.zip
*Plastic Tree - Ghost.zip
*Plastic Tree - Hide & Seek.zip
*Plastic Tree - Namae no Nai Hana.zip
*Plastic Tree - Namida Drop.zip
*Plastic Tree - Shiro Chronicle.zip
*Pumpkin Head, The - Get Young!!.zip
*Pumpkin Head, The - Kami wa Shinda.zip
*Pumpkin Head, The - Mahounomori.zip
*Pumpkin Head, The - Maririso Masososo.zip
*Pumpkin Head, The - Miss Romanticist.zip
*Pumpkin Head, The - Mr. Underground.zip
*Pumpkin Head, The - Zetsubou no Asa, Boku wa Jiyuu wo Teniire Teshimatta.zip
*PureQ&A - Pure Gothic Kijintan.zip
*Rentrer en Soi - Amongst Foolish Enemies.zip
*Rentrer en Soi - I Hate Myself and I Want to...zip
*Rentrer en Soi - Protoplasm.zip
*Rentrer en Soi - Rentrer en Soi.zip
*Rentrer en Soi - Sphire Croid.zip
*Retina - Deprive.zip
*Retina - Ouka Kenran.zip
*Room#Number - Juno.zip
*Sadie - Dekiai.zip
*Sadie - Grudge of Sorrow.zip
*Sadie - The Trend Killer.zip
*Sads - [Untitled].zip
*Sads - Babylon.zip
*Sads - Rose God Gave Me, The.zip
*Sads - Sad Blood Rock'n'Roll.zip
*Sarii - Abnormal.zip
*Sarii - Kowareta Omocha.zip
*Sarii - Waisetsu

*Scissor - Farewell.zip
*Scissor - Fly.zip
*Scissor - Spider.zip
*Selm - Dead Lock.zip
*Selm - Resistance.zip
*Selm - Roid.zip
*Serial Number - Orion to Hanabi to Tabidatsu Doshiguwa Tachie.zip
*Shiver - Hypnosis.zip
*Shiver - Psycho Dissection.zip
*Shocking Lemon - Sometimes Alone.zip
*Shulla - Chabangeki Sono San.zip
*Shulla - Never Too Late.zip
*Sinners - Nihilistic.zip
*Siva - Asura.zip
*Siva - Kyouka Kenranki.zip
*Siva - Riot.zip
*Siva - Shita no Koku.zip
*Siva - SmilexSmile.rar
*Soul'd Out - To All Tha Dreamers[MF] Part 1.rar Part 2.rar
*Straightener - Dear Deadman.zip
*Straightener - Melodic Storm.zip
*Straightener - Title.zip
*Strawberry Machine - Crazy Kilt.rar
*Sugar - Berry.zip
*Sugar - Grave of Mind.zip
*Sugar - Mental Sketch Modified.zip
*Sugar - Ridicule/Dry Flower.zip
*Sugar Trip - Rakuen ~Miyakokai no Sasageru Antithese~.zip
*Sugar Trip - Roman Strip.zip
*Sugizo - H.art Chaos.zip
*Sugizo - Rest in Peace & Fly Away.zip
*Sugizo - Silent Voice.zip
*Sugizo - Truth?.zip
*Sulfuric Acid - Aohebi.zip
*Sulfuric Acid - Moulin Rouge.zip
*Sulfuric Acid - Sulfur Drug.zip
*Sulfuric Acid - Salfjuerik Aesid.zip
*Syndrome - If...~Reflect Yourselves~.zip
*Syndrome - Slept Doll.zip
*Teddy - Hatsukoi Pafe.zip
*TsuShiMaMiRe - Pregnant Fantasy.zip
*UnsraW - -9-.zip
*Uverworld - Colors of the Heart.zip
*Uverworld - Timeless.zip
*Vanilla - [Q].zip
*Vanilla - Sagashimono.Chiisana Negai.zip
*Vidoll - Bijinkei Part 1.zip Part 2.zip
*Vidoll - Kana na no Chikai Mimi.zip
*Vidoll - Nectar.zip
*Vidoll - SinAI.zip
*Vizell - Gift.zip
*Vizell - Kaleidoscope.zip
*Vizell - Lose.zip
*Vizell - Not.zip
*Witches - Broomstick.zip
*Wizard - Fork to Knife no Theater.zip
*Wizard - Idealism.zip
*Wizard - Materialism.zip
*Wizard - Platonic Boy.zip
*Wizard - Valentine.zip
*Yum!Yum!Orange - Clover.zip
*Yum!Yum!Orange - Orange Juice.zip
*Zigzo - Add9 Suicide.zip
*Zigzo - Monster Music.zip
*Zigzo - Tonight, I Will Fall.zip

Individual Songs:
*Kein - Danro no Kashitsu.mp3
*Kein - Flashback the Newsman.mp3
*Kein - Gurami.mp3
*Kein - Keen Scared Syndrome.mp3
*Kein - Kranke.mp3
*Kein - Uso.mp3
*KuRt - Ifuusekkou.mp3
*KuRt - Oku Namida.mp3
*KuRt - Peter Pan ga Shinda Nichi.mp3
*KuRt - Saigo no Game.mp3
*KuRt - Sweet Lemon Broker.mp3
*L'arc~en~ciel - Caress of Venus.mp3
*MerCurius - Fin do Siecle.mp3
*MerCurius - Tema Kogami.mp3
*MerCurius - Variant.mp3
*Misono - VS.mp3
*Nightmare - Akane.mp3
*Nightmare - Kabuki Logical.mp3
*Nightmare - Raven Loud Speeeaker.mp3
*Noa - Dekiai Drop.mp3
*Noa - Nadeshiko Juliet.mp3
*Noir Fleurir - Dancing Alone.mp3
*Noir Fleurir - Let's Embrace With All.mp3
*Noir Fleurir - Wir Masquerade.mp3
*Phantasmagoria - Gensou Kyoku ~Eternal Silence~.mp3
*Phantasmagoria - Gensou Kyoku ~Eternal Silence~ (Instrumental).mp3
*Phantasmagoria - Kami Hajime Kyoku ~Variant Jihad~.mp3
*Phantasmagoria - Kami Hajime Kyoku ~Variant Jihad~ (Instrumental).mp3
*Phantasmagoria - Kyousou Kyoku ~Cruel Crucible~.mp3
*Rinne - Fall.mp3
*Rinne - La;Pure.mp3
*Rinne - Mind Blade.mp3
*Rinne - Piste 1.mp3
*Rinne - Piste 5.mp3
*Shuuji to Akira - Seishun no Amigo.mp3
*Spider Lily - Awayuki no Hana.mp3
*Stella Maria - Digital.mp3
*Teddy - Mune Kyunmero.mp3
*Vellselk - Solitude.mp3
*Vidoll - Gothikaroid.mp3
*Vidoll - Orihime.mp3
*Vidoll - Route U.mp3
*Yellow Monkey, The - Kyuukon.mp3
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Master Upload List [24 Nov 2007|05:55pm]


UPDATED: 1/24/12!!!
Soo... Megaupload is dead. Feds took it down. I have taken out all the MU links and dead MF links for now. I am thinking of starting uploading again, but who knows how much I will stick to it XDDDD Anyways, I will be sticking to MF and Zshare (ZS) for now. Hopefully MU will be the only victim of the crack down...

NOTE: The asterisk * means that there is a password on the download site (Mediafire) or on the zip/rar file (Megaupload).

Password: juliana

*Acid Android - Faults.rar
*Acidman - World Symphony.zip
*Alu:cana - Ray.zip
*Angelo - Winter Moon.zip
*Aya - Crazy Mermaid.zip
*Beau - Kimi, Replay
*Berry - Blood Pool and Shower Room Cinema.zip
*Berry - Hakuchi.zip
*Celestial Gate - Cry for Moonlight.zip
*Coaltar of the Deepers - Cat EP.zip
*Coaltar of the Deepers - Come Over the Deepend.zip
*Dari - Antithesis.zip
*Death+Qpid - Haunted Hospital.zip
*Death+Qpid - Retro Museum.zip
*Dieu Christ - Adam & Eve.zip
*Dieu Christ - Distributed CD.zip
*Dokusatsu Terrorist - Atama ga Warukunaru.zip
*Dollis Mary - Junai Pure Rock.zip
*Dollis Mary - Koi no Bungee Jump!.zip
*Dollis Mary - Last Scene.zip
*EllDorado - NonFiction.zip
*EllDorado - Silence.zip
*Endorphine - Brainchild.zip
*Endorphine - Desire.zip
*Gazette - Regret.zip
*Gazette - Special Margarita.zip
*Ghost - Bi-zarre Collector.zip
*Ghost - Higyaku no Shiro.zip
*Gimmick - Crowd.zip
*Gimmick - Minerals.zip
*Gimmick - Mitasarenu Tsuki Asanure.zip
*Glamorous Honey - Air.zip
*Glamorous Honey - Brilliant Honey.zip
*Glamorous Honey - Lost Child.zip
*Gullet - Mad Bless You.zip
*Gyackmen - Rakuyo Strip Show.rar
*Happysad - Musabetsu Elect.zip
*HeaRt - Honey Bee.zip
*HeaRt - Planetarium.zip
*Heath - Traitor.zip
*Heidi - Clover.zip
*HenzeL - Hatsukoi Carnival.zip
*HenzeL - Hero Dukushi.zip
*HenzeL - Hinomaru Renai Kyoku.zip
*HenzeL - Kusuriyubi.zip
*Hime Ichigo - Hime Hatsume.zip
*Himitsu Kessha Codomo A - Ao to Haru to Boku to.zip
*Himitsu Kessha Codomo A - Kodomozumu.zip
*Himitsu Kessha Codomo A - Rettou Jidai.zip
*Hiskarea - Manic Cell Single ~Lost~.zip
*Hizaki - Dance With Grace.zip
*Hizaki - Maiden Ritual.zip
*Hizaki w/ +Isolation - Unique.zip
*Irokui - Yuenai Disk Chihou Ensei Ban.zip
*Izabel Varosa - Gekkou.zip
*Izabel Varosa - Imitation Mercy/Seasonal Wind.zip
*Izabel Varosa - Justice.zip
*Izabel Varosa - Sakebu Kyo.zip
*Jadoll - Kuro Ban.zip
*Je*Reviens - Asamoya no Nakade.zip
*Je*Reviens - Ne'phesh.zip
*Jils - Innocent Cry.zip
*Jinkaku Radio - Akui.zip
*Jinkaku Radio - Kairo.zip
*Jinkaku Radio - Ubasuteyama.zip
*Jinkaku Radio - Yuuhodou.zip
*Joker - Kakuritsu Hendou.zip
*Joker - Triple 7 Days.zip

Individual Songs:
*Bis - Days.mp3
*Black Fantom - I.mp3
*Blast - 701126.mp3
*Blue Chocolate - Kurake no Onna.mp3
*Capsule - Sound of Silence.mp3
*Clazziquai Project - Love Mode.mp3
*CLeiR - Kruitz.mp3
*Death+Qpid - Birthday.mp3
*Death+Qpid - Wamure Rumori.mp3
*Delphinium - Unhappy Ice Cream.mp3
*Diar - Another.mp3
*EllDorado - Machiavellism.mp3
*Gram Maria - Ainotakai.mp3
*Gram Maria - Bbkyuu.mp3
*Gram Maria - Chaos (Vocalless Version).mp3
*Gram Maria - Deep.mp3
*Gram Maria - Gram8Maria.mp3
*Gram Maria - I, My, Me, Mine.mp3
*Gram Maria - I, My, Me, Mine (Vocalless Version).mp3
*Gram Maria - ???~Ishino.mp3
*Grimm - Planetarium.mp3
*Grimm - Ryakudatsu March.mp3
*Grimm - Yofukashi Panic.mp3
*Hanamuke - Akikaze no Zangai.mp3
*Hanamuke - Hoshi no Iro.mp3
*Hanamuke - Kokoro no Mahou.mp3
*Hanamuke - Senkou Hanabi.mp3
*Hanamuke - Sugee Maemuki na Uta.mp3
*Hanamuke - Tsurukusa no Hikouki.mp3
*Hanamuke - Ura Toy Story.mp3
*HAV - Hey Jimmy.mp3
*HAV - You Gonna Feel.mp3
*HeaRt - Babe.mp3
*HeaRt - Choufu.mp3
*HeaRt - Daidai.mp3
*HeaRt - Endorouru.mp3
*HeaRt - Koosai Carol Amp.mp3
*HeaRt - Sarekoto.mp3
*HeaRt - Shinkaku Kakairo.mp3
*Irokui - Daken.mp3
*Irokui - Funky Boy.mp3
*Irokui - Haruiro Kataomoi.mp3
*Irokui - Himegoto ~Rock Version~.mp3
*Irokui - Kichi-I.mp3
*Irokui - Sayonara Butterfly.mp3
*Irokui - Shinsei Katsu 2005 Haru.mp3
*Jack11 - Haikei Casino Shihainin Tama.mp3
*Jack11 - Kona Yuki.mp3
*JackRose - Cinderella.mp3
*Juliadoll - Season.mp3
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So... You Want to Join the Wishing Well?? [24 Aug 2007|05:22pm]

Ok, I am no longer uploading for this community!! For those of you who have stumpled upon this community are welcome to download whatever they want, the password is posted on the entries, and please let me know if a link is dead!! If you want any recommendations of other places to look for jrock/jpop downloads, feel free to ask ^^ but i might know the same ones you already know >.>
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